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Training will include mobility, weightlifting, running, bodyweight movements and stretching, with an emphasis on teamwork and team building. Training will also offer a safe, challenging, fun and creative environment that will aid in producing results. After each training session, clients will be offered to debrief after each session with the specialized attention they need.

This part of the program that emphasizes physical wellness so that clients will be able to combine emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness together.

The Role of Fitness and Wellness in Addiction Recovery

A variety of studies have shown that exercise, and fitness in general, can have a positive impact on addiction recovery. Obviously, you’re unlikely to be able to sweat your way out of a substance abuse disorder, so you do have to ensure you’re incorporating fitness within a comprehensive plan for treatment. That plan should include professional interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help you understand your addiction, triggers for drug or alcohol abuse and how to develop healthier coping skills — which might include exercise and eating right.

Here are a few reasons, though, that exercise can be a great addition to your recovery journey:

  • Fitness programs that build strength and increase your body’s ability to function help create confidence that you can carry into other efforts throughout rehab and life.
  • Proper exercise causes your body to release a rush of natural hormones that can give you an uplifting feeling. It can become a natural, healthy “high” that can help you pull out of situational depression or energize yourself for the work ahead.
  • Treating your body well and working to keep it healthy has far-reaching positive consequences that impact your addiction as well as other issues. For example, many people struggling with addiction and related mental health issues might have problems with regular sleep, struggle to maintain good eating habits or lack motivation. Regular exercise often helps with many of these areas simply because you’re working to bring your body back into alignment with good health.

What to Expect With Fitness Rehab

You might think that fitness rehab is for people who are already in shape, but that’s not true. Fitness — within and outside of addiction treatment — is for everyone. 

Will you work hard and sweat with fitness rehab? Yes, that’s part of the point. But when you do so alongside caring, compassionate pros, you work in a safer, more effective way. And that can lead to positive results physically, mentally and spiritually.

It’s also important to realize that you can’t trade chasing one high for chasing another. Exercise can create a natural rush, and that’s a good thing. But working out is best done in moderation, so in a fitness rehab environment, you’ll learn how to incorporate these new activities into your treatment and lifestyle in a healthy, appropriate way.

Our professional, caring counselors are on hand to answer your questions and help you understand how Holdfast Recovery treats the entire person — mind, soul and body.

For more information about the power of fitness and a healthy lifestyle when you’re struggling with addiction, contact us today. Call us at (800) 680-7738 or use the online contact form

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