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We understand that a man’s walk through the recovery process does not take place in isolation, but in companionship with others, as true fellowship occurs when two or more are in one another’s company. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” During group therapy at Holdfast we hold each other accountable by “Speaking truth in love”.

Clients begin by attending groups daily addressing many issues that are deeply rooted within their trauma and addiction. Holdfast group therapy model is based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, developed by Dr. Aaron T. Beck. Dr. Beck found that behavior is determined by “automatic thoughts” or cognitions. CBT is based on the idea that how we think (cognitions), how we feel (emotion), and how we act (behaviors) all interact together. Our automatic thoughts dictate our feelings and our behaviors, and that behavior reinforces thoughts.

Some Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

Group therapy is an important part of inpatient and outpatient recovery programs, and for many, it’s a foundational element of long-term recovery. Attending group counseling in any of these settings helps you take advantage of a number of benefits that are harder to come by in individual counseling, including some of those below.

1. You realize you’re not going through this alone.

Addiction often carries burdens such as shame or guilt. It’s a lonely, isolating experience that can leave you feeling as if no one will ever be able to understand where you are and how you got there.

Millions of people actually struggle with substance abuse. It’s a fact that’s hard to integrate into our own experience, but attending group therapy lets you become familiar with the stories of just a few of those other people. That makes it a more tangible truth that you aren’t alone, which can provide encouragement for your own journey through rehab and recovery.

2. You get a variety of feedback about your experience and challenges.

Working through addiction with professionals is important. Experienced substance abuse counselors can help you address negative and inaccurate thought patterns and work to change your behaviors.

But getting feedback from just one or two people can be limiting. Attending group therapy for substance abuse lets you hear from a variety of people, including those who are going through similar experiences. Groups usually include people at various stages in the recovery journey, too, so you can get feedback from people who have overcome your current challenges and hear stories of how they did so.

While your recovery path is unique to you, gathering this type of feedback can provide comfort and offer ideas for how you might approach each challenge during rehab.

3. You can practice relating to others about addiction in a safe environment.

Group therapy doesn’t just give you a chance to hear from others. It also lets you share your own story, experiences and thoughts. But you get to do so in an environment with a safety net.

These therapy sessions are usually considered confidential, which means no one is supposed to leave and talk about details from the group with others. Group therapy is also led by a trained counselor who can intervene if things get too heated or off-topic.

You can feel safe sharing yourself in group, which helps you find a voice to talk about your addiction later with family, friends or others.

4. You can work on building skills for future recovery.

In addition to talking about your addiction and related challenges, group therapy may offer a chance to practice many coping skills. Whether the group engages in role-play or simply requires you to participate in new ways, the practice can help you prepare to put those skills into action in your real life.

To get started with our addiction group therapy program in Prescott, Arizona call (800) 680-7738 or contact us to get started. 

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