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Moving to a sober living house for at least the duration of rehab and the acute recovery period gives you a chance to establish healthy boundaries.

Sober Living Houses in Arizona

What Is Sober Living?

Many people’s living environment hinders their chances of recovery. This is because certain situations and feelings trigger you. An unhealthy living space is one in which the people you live with wouldn’t be able to make minor adaptations in their behavior to accommodate your recovery process.

Living with other people who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction or people who are inclined to put you down can quickly turn the hard work you do during the day at rehab on its head.

Moving to a sober living house for at least the duration of rehab and the acute recovery period gives you a chance to establish healthy boundaries. When you’re ready, you can move back home or to a new place for a fresh start.

The Difference Between Sober Living and a Halfway House

Sober living houses differ significantly from halfway houses. The latter are usually state-owned, dormitory-style places for ex-convicts and people who have been court-ordered to attend rehab. While these are great institutions for the people they serve, Halfway Houses are much more homelike and comfortable.

Sober living facilities are usually private and attached to rehab centers. You’ll follow a schedule along with everyone else, and there are house rules that everyone’s expected to follow. This provides a unique opportunity to learn how to live harmoniously with other people under the guidance of trained professionals.

Benefits of Sober Living

  • Support and guidance through your journey
  • Opportunity to build sober relationships
  • Independence
  • Relearn life skills

True North Sober Living in Arizona

True North Sober Living is an Arizona state licensed facility which serves as the sober living house for the men participating in Holdfast Recovery’s program. While here clients can look forward to living in a safe environment staffed 24-hours a day by men who are also in recovery and understand the challenges of treatment and early recovery.

Residing at True North Sober Living is strongly encouraged for all Holdfast Recovery clients. Living together at True North Sober Living, the clients can practice and apply what they have learned in their daily therapy sessions. The staff also provide clients with important structure and accountability in daily life, necessary for successful outcomes of treatment.

The house is located just North of Prescott in the beautiful ranching country of Williamson Valley. It is a three story colonial style house on three acres of land, with room for both indoor and outdoor activities. Clients always share a bedroom with at least one other client to prevent isolation, and there are two kitchens for group meals with food purchased by staff.

True North Sober Living also provides the aftercare component of the program, allowing graduates from Holdfast Recovery to maintain their supportive living environment while gaining more independence in their employment or education. To see our sober living facilities, check out our photo gallery!

Why Is Sober Living Effective?

Sober living homes are practical because they give individuals a chance to live independently while sharing space with other people. You’re expected to do your fair share around the house — which might sound annoying, but it sets you up for life. A lot of men who struggle with addiction have come from difficult family backgrounds or had turbulent personal lives.

If you’ve struggled with interpersonal relationships, it’s not the end of the world! It will take a little time, but you can learn how to get along with people and manage your triggers and fears. Sober living is a safe space for you to heal and learn.

Sober Living and Aftercare in Arizona

Rehab is a highly structured place designed to help you overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Although you must get into a routine, which you’ll stick to after rehab, it doesn’t reflect real life.

It’s easier to remain abstinent from the safety of rehab, where there are no temptations and the focus is on your well-being. You’ll need to make a careful transition back into the world so it isn’t too much of a shock. In a sober living house, you’re free to come and go as you please, but you must still follow the rules.

Our caring staff provides resources and encouragement to help you find a job or get back to school.

For more information about how sober living could help you overcome addiction for good, call Holdfast Recovery today at (800) 680-7738.

Hear From Past Clients

  • Highly Recommend

    “Holdfast gave me my life back! With a 90 day program and the will to stop I am 7 months sober yesterday.”

    - Edward H.
  • Awesome Facility & Great Staff

    “Real recovery takes place at holdfast. It's unlikely to find better therapy in the northern Arizona area.”

    - Andrew S.
  • Providing the Proper Tools

    “Recovery from drug abuse is not easy. With that said the owners and staff members care for their clients and are right beside them every step they take in recovery.”

    - Matthew P.
  • Real Recovery

    “Real men of recovery here. I could never pay back what has been given to me from these guys. If you are ready to make a change in your life and find a new way to live “in Gods Will” Holdfast Recovery can pave the way!!!!”

    - Woody W.
  • Great Place to Recover!

    “I've known one of the owners for nearly 18 years and can attest to his integrity and passion for recovery. Great place to recover!”

    - Jason S.
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