Christian Rehab

By helping our clients learn to reconnect with God, be honest with themselves, and trust in the healing power of the Lord to set them free, we deliver a whole-person method aimed at renewing our clients’ bodies, minds, and spirits.

Christian Rehab in Arizona

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At Holdfast Recovery, we provide Christian rehab programs for drug addiction and alcohol abuse. We understand that God is essential in your recovery. We believe that those who are suffering from substance use disorder can heal and recover. That’s why we focus on treating substance abuse and tackling difficult conversations about past trauma at our addiction recovery center.

We work with local churches and pastors to provide our clients with the opportunities they need to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ through their Christian faith. Our clients receive daily devotionals and are encouraged to incorporate the things they learn from the Bible into their therapy. Our clients go to Bible studies twice a week at the home of a local pastor or other in-house bible study. You’ll also go to a Christian-focused 12-step program each week, where you’ll continue to move forward on the journey to sobriety.

Whether this is the first time you’ve sought treatment or you’ve been involved in a program before, we’re ready to discuss the Christian treatment plan that’s right for you.

We offer faith-based recovery programs that address a variety of addictions, including:

Call us at (800) 680-7738 to talk to one of our helpful substance abuse treatment counselors about our support groups and why our Christian rehab center in Arizona is a good option for young men like yourself.

Why Choose a Christian Drug Rehab Program?

At our rehab program for young men, we know that your Christianity and relationship with God is essential for finding meaning in life and moving forward in sobriety. That’s why our founder and our team are here to help you choose the best Christian rehab for your specific situation. You’re guaranteed to be around others like yourself, giving you a strong sense of community that you can believe in.

What Happens During Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

At Holdfast Recovery, our faith-based rehab program is designed to have three phases. Each phase lasts between 30 and 45 days, allowing you to become more independent each step of the way.

Phase I

During Phase I of the treatment program, you’ll engage in our entire program. Each week, you’ll spend a minimum of 25 hours in group therapy and have up to two individual EMDR sessions. You will also participate in other activities such as learning about better health and wellness, going to the gym, participating in 12-step programs and Bible studies, enjoying more outdoor activities and so on. During the first phase, we test our clients for substances twice weekly at random intervals. You’ll also be monitored by staff members who are always there to help.

Phase II

Phase II of treatment encourages you to become more independent. You search for employment during this phase and participate in outpatient programs. You’ll continue to go to 12-step meetings and Bible studies. You will also be required to participate in group therapy three times each week and to maintain individual therapy weekly. Our random substance testing continues twice weekly during this time.

Phase III

During the last stage of our program, we encourage you to become even more independent and develop a lifestyle that you can maintain on your own. We continue to promote church and men’s groups during this phase so that you can stay connected to the healthy relationships you’ve developed during your time with us. Our clients are still required to attend outpatient clinical services and individual counseling weekly.

Our program is unique because we go beyond helping you detox and get off drugs or stop drinking alcohol; we focus on the recovery of your mind, body and spirit. We offer a number of therapies for young men, including physical fitness and training, aftercare, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, EMDR for trauma and more. Throughout your recovery, we emphasize physical wellness and Christian values so that you can feel supported throughout your journey.

Contact Holdfast Recovery about Joining our Christian Drug Treatment Center to Get Sober

At Holdfast Recovery, we are focused on your well-being and long term recovery by helping you or a loved one enjoy your life through sobriety. Our faith based recovery plan is here to help you. We offer many recovery program options and aftercare treatment so that you are never alone throughout this process.

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