Ritalin Addiction Treatment in Prescott

Ritalin Rehab Options in Arizona

Are you struggling with an addiction to Ritalin? Whether it began with a prescription or an illicit channel, Holdfast Recovery in Prescott can help you challenge it. We are the local drug rehab center that people trust to show them a manageable path to sobriety that has been fully personalized to what they need. You are not seen as a case number here. You are a friend in need of support, and we will be more than proud to provide it.

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What is Ritalin?

Ritalin is a stimulant that is mostly prescribed to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, especially in teens and adults. It is designed to increase focus by modifying central nervous system responses to stimuli. However, its ability to directly affect the central nervous system and the brain’s reactions is what can make it chemically addictive.

When a substance adjusts the chemical composition of the brain and nervous system, there is always a risk that the brain will become dependent on it to complete related functions. Without that substance in the system, unusual or painful responses can occur. To try to avoid these negative responses, a user will subconsciously desire another dose of that substance, which is the start of chemical addiction.

Signs of Ritalin Addiction

Ritalin users are usually not the first people to notice that an addiction is forming. The stimulating effects of the drug make them feel “better” when on it, so they do not pay attention to any negative side effects that might be happening as well. Oftentimes, the first signs of Ritalin addiction must be identified by the people closest to a user.

Someone might have a Ritalin addiction if they:

  • Use Ritalin against its prescription instructions.
  • Steal Ritalin or commit crimes to get it.
  • Talk about wanting to use Ritalin most of the time.
  • Cannot sleep or eat without first taking Ritalin.
  • Spend any extra money on Ritalin.
  • Always have an urge to take more Ritalin.

Other telltale signs of Ritalin addiction include the physical and mental changes that can happen as Ritalin abuse worsens. Ritalin addiction can cause labored breathing, dizziness, hallucinations, cold or blue skin tone around toes and fingers, and random chest pain. It can also cause worsening insomnia, anxiety, and aggression.

Treatment Options for Ritalin Addiction

Finding a treatment for Ritalin addiction is not as simple as showing up to a treatment center and signing up for the first rehab program available. At Holdfast Recovery, we insist on getting to know each person who comes to our rehab center, so we can design a recovery plan that fits them and their situation better. This personalized approach to care has been instrumental in the successful recovery of so many people throughout the years.

Programsthat might be a part of your recovery plan include:

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Interested in seeing how our Prescott Ritalin treatment center can change your life for the better? We are, too. Today could be the first day of your sober, happy, and healthy life away from the constraints and pain of Ritalin addiction. Let’s make the most of it.

To speak with a member of our rehab center, please dial (800) 680-7738.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Treat My Addiction?
    At Holdfast Recovery, we treat both alcohol addiction and all forms of drug addiction (including co-occurring mental health disorders). We offer an array of programs to target your unique needs.
  • Where Do I Live While In Treatment?
    While at Holdfast Recovery, you can live under our care at our own housing program or if preferred, you can stay with a family member. We have 24/7 staff that are always here for you.
  • Will My Insurance Cover This?
    At Holdfast Recovery, we accept most major insurances and understand how hard the process can be. Fill out our insurance form or give us a call and we will help you along the way.
  • How is Your Program Different?
    Our program is different in many ways, one of them being our 3-phase approach and how we address addiction and the trauma that lies underneath!