How Can You Avoid Abusing Prescription Drugs?

How Can You Avoid Abusing Prescription Drugs? Photo

Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Many people don’t understand how addictive certain prescription medications can be. Oftentimes, the line has been crossed before the sufferer even realizes they’re addicted to the drug they hoped would help them.

If taken correctly, prescription medications can have tremendous health benefits. However, as soon as they begin to be abused, they can lead to substance use disorders and addiction issues. To help prevent prescription drug abuse and avoid life-threatening circumstances, we’re here to provide some guidance.

Follow Prescription Instructions Exactly

Although this tip may seem obvious, it’s common for people to believe that taking more painkillers than advised will help them to feel better faster. Dealing with pain can be challenging; however, when painkillers are prescribed by your doctor to deal with pain, there are strict guidelines for dosage for a reason.

As soon as you deviate from the recommended dosage, you are abusing the drug. You can develop a dangerous habit almost instantly. Certain prescription drugs can have harmful health consequences, even death when you do not follow the prescription.

Know the Drug Interactions

Many prescription drugs interact with other drugs in your bloodstream — but some of the reactions can be dangerous. These adverse reactions can reduce the effectiveness of one drug and can even lead to life-threatening health consequences.

If you have any questions about which drugs have adverse reactions to your prescription, consult with your physician before taking any additional medications.

Never Mix Prescription with Alcohol

Many prescription medications caution against taking them with alcohol. Alcohol can mix with certain drugs and cause a drop in your heart rate to dangerously low levels, leading to life-threatening circumstances.

Some may think a drink of alcohol will provide desired effects when taking certain prescription drugs such as painkillers. The truth is, it can be the opposite. This may trigger you to take more of the prescription, pushing you closer to dangerous health risks like an accidental overdose.

Once you cross over the line into prescription drug abuse, you should seek professional help. Although substance abuse and addiction are very different, once you have a substance abuse problem, it can be hard to change your habits down the line.

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