Higher Power: Can Faith Really Help You Get Through Rehab?

Higher Power: Can Faith Really Help You Get Through Rehab? Photo

Belief in a higher power, something beyond yourself, can be of critical importance during treatment for addiction. The purpose of connecting to this belief in recovery is to help you understand that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders alone: A ‘Being’ who is bigger, stronger, and completely trustworthy is there to lighten your burden. 

But, what do people mean when they talk about a “higher power?”

The higher power definition from Merriam-Webster indicates a spirit or entity with super-human strength, power, and knowledge. The concept of this higher being is one of perfection. This isn’t an entity that is bound by the same natural laws and limitations as humans.

While this power doesn’t have to be religious, Holdfast Recovery believes that God is the only higher power you need. We’ve witnessed the transformations that belief in God can have first hand, that’s why our Christian-based treatment program focuses on helping clients build a strong personal relationship between themselves and Jesus.

Belief in a Higher Power is Just as Important as Addiction Treatment

The way you live out your spirituality may be different from someone else’s. You may exuberantly share your personal salvation story or build a quiet, more intimate relationship with God. 

As your faith grows and professional therapy better equips you to think critically, you’ll realize that you feel more connected with the men and women in your Christian family who are going through the same recovery process as you. As your faith develops and deepens, you’ll be able to see the connections between your own story and the stories in scripture that deal with hard times, struggles, hope, and salvation. 

Through this same connection, you’ll build a sense of community and understanding among your brothers and sisters in Christ that will provide you with a support system. You’ll gain the confidence to begin opening up and resolving all the emotions you once felt you had to shoulder alone. Of course, the end goal is for you to be happy and to feel supported as you work through your substance abuse treatment program.

Finding a Higher Power

Many people begin this process through prayer – a simple and honest conversation between you and God. Combining this with activities such as meditating on scripture, along with physical activities like hiking, running, or walking, is a great way to gradually build on your relationship with Jesus and ultimately get to a place where you can enjoy a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

With the help of a Christian recovery group, we believe you can overcome your alcohol dependence or drug addiction and stay on the path of sobriety. Believing in Jesus as your savior can provide an anchor in the storm, strengthen you against temptation, and motivate you in your new sober lifestyle while giving you newfound purpose in life.

Contact Holdfast Recovery for Support with Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment

At the Holdfast Recovery Treatment Center, we are prepared to help anyone who comes to us with substance abuse concerns and PTSD. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our substance abuse counselors today, call us at (800) 680-7738. At Holdfast Recovery, we believe that incorporating Christian values throughout your recovery is the best way to help you reflect on your life and actions, as well as to give you the support you need to recover. With our faith-based rehab, you can get back to a place of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness without drugs or alcohol in your life.