5 Devastating Ways Alcoholism Harms Your Marriage

5 Devastating Ways Alcoholism Harms Your Marriage Photo

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Alcoholism and marriage is a complicated pairing that can be incredibly challenging to handle without professional guidance. Addiction harms relationships in a variety of ways due to the fact it makes the sufferer prioritize alcohol higher than anything else.

When someone has promised to share their home, finances and emotional life with their partner, a preoccupation with getting inebriated seems unfair. However, the partner must understand that alcoholism is a disease, not a choice. We can’t simply tell someone to stop drinking and make it happen. As such, it’s best to seek professional help at the earliest opportunity. Otherwise, conflict, resentment, and health issues are likely to blight your partnership.

Do Alcoholism and Marriage Problems Go Hand in Hand?

Unfortunately, yes — alcohol and marriage problems do go hand in hand. Whether both people in the marriage are suffering from an alcohol use disorder or one person does, problems will occur as a result.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and clouds judgment, causing arguments and misunderstandings. It’s also an expensive habit, and finances are one of the leading causes of conflict in a marriage. Once the sufferer(s) seeks help for the addiction, the couple can start working on their relationship.

The 5 Most Prolific Ways Alcoholism Harms Marriage

Alcoholism has a profound impact on an individual and all their interpersonal relationships. The partnership between spouses is particularly precious because we have made a choice to spend the rest of our lives with them. Instead of letting your connection suffer in the following ways, research rehab options and take the first step along the road to recovery:

1. Constant Fear and Anxiety

Addiction is a risky disease that can endanger an individual’s safety in several ways. People who drink excessively are prone to falling over, they’re more likely to take risks and they’re harming their physical and mental health.

It’s hugely stressful to watch someone you love appear to do these things to themselves. Excessive worry and fear can lead to the spouse developing anxiety disorders or depression.

2. Fertility Issues

Alcohol is incredibly damaging to your ability to conceive children, which can be hugely painful for a partner who’s keen to start a family. Drinking excessively can prevent a woman from getting pregnant, and it damages a man’s sperm.

3. Addiction Is a Financial Burden

Being addicted to alcohol is an expensive habit to have — especially if you’re drinking daily. If one person is unfairly prioritizing something that isn’t financially worthwhile for both partners in a marriage, there’s significant potential for conflict.

4. Intimacy

A romantic relationship is distinct from a friendship because of an extra level of physical and emotional closeness. This intimacy might be expressed through hugs, sex, or telling each other how you feel. Heavy drinking impairs the sufferer’s ability to perform sexually and puts them in a state of mind where genuine emotional intimacy isn’t possible.

5. Emotional Unavailability

The reason emotional intimacy is so hard to find with an alcoholic is that a mind-altering substance clouds their thoughts. Drinking changes the way the neurotransmitters in your brain function, and heavy drinkers often experience memory loss. It can be hard to feel connected to someone who doesn’t remember portions of the day and numbs their feelings with alcohol.

If you’re worried about the way alcohol is affecting your marriage, call Holdfast Recovery today at (800) 680-7738 for advice from one of our expert advisers.